Episode #7: Getting a Bad Rap: Spiritualism in the 19th century (coming 2/1/22)

Many people throughout the 19th century were fascinated with the idea of connecting with the beyond including the famous Commodore Vanderbilt. Historian Anthony Bellov joins this week for a look into some rather strange phenomena and the story of Vanderbilt and one of the most famous spiritualists of the period, the fascinating Victoria Woodhull.  

Episode #6: The Gilded Page: A Conversation with NYT Bestselling Author Carol Wallace

“Carol Wallace, New York Times bestselling author, discusses her just-published novel of the Gilded Age, “Our Kind of People” as well as shares insights on her book “To Marry an English Lord” which served as an inspiration for “Downton Abbey”. 

Episode #5: To Catch a Prince: The Story of Alice Heine, Monaco’s First American Princess

Grace Kelly captured the attention of the world when she married Prince Rainier III and became Princess of Monaco in 1956.  Few people realize that she wasn’t the first American-born princess to hold the title.  Travel back to the Belle Epoque and discover the story of a New Orleans beauty who captured the heart of a prince nearly 100 years before. 

Alice Heine, Princess of Monaco (photo: Public Domain)

Episode #4: Man About Town: The Story of Murray Hall

When Tammany Hall politician, Murray Hall died at his home in Greenwich Village in 1901, his death sparked a national scandal.  Murray Hall had a secret he kept hidden for over 20 years — what was it? Historic preservationist Ken Lustbader joins The Gilded Gentleman for a look at this little-known and deeply compelling story. 

Episode #3: The Real Mrs. Astor: Ruler or Rebel?

Historian Tom Miller joins The Gilded Gentleman for a discussion about who Caroline Astor really was.  

Episode #2: Divas, Diamonds, Drama: The Opening of the Metropolitan Opera 1883

Join the Gilded Gentleman for a night at the opera! The glittering, glamorous opening night of New York’s new opera house at the height of the Gilded Age had perhaps more drama going on in the audience than on the stage.

Metropolitan Opera House on 39th Street (Library of Congress)

Episode #1: Gilded Age or Gilded Cage?

Was the Gilded Age as glamorous as it seemed? Join Carl and his guests — Tom Meyers and Greg Young from the Bowery Boys: New York City History podcast — to discuss the light and the dark of this fascinating era.

Carl, Tom, and Greg recording at the Salmagundi Club.

Carl recording an episode with Emma Guest-Consales about Ladies’ Mile.