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Sun, May 22, 11 AM (Sold Out) ET & Sun, June 5th, 11 AM ET
Walking Tour Bowery Boys Walks: The Gilded Age World of Edith Wharton’s New York

The great American novelist Edith Wharton was a New Yorker. Although she spent tremendous parts of her life traveling in Europe and ultimately settling in France, it was the Gilded Age metropolis of New York in which she set the majority of her major fiction and stories.

This walking tour will trace the life and quite literally the footsteps of Edith Wharton through the streets and neighborhoods she and her famous characters knew so well. Our explorations will include not only sites associated with Wharton’s life but also locations used as settings for her novels.

Thu, June 23, 7 PM ET
America’s Gilded Age Million Dollar Princesses: Trading Cash for Coronets

A 90-minute illustrated virtual webinar with Carl Raymond

Discover the stories of the late 19th-century young American women who married into the aristocratic families of Great Britain and Europe. These young American women brought enormous fortunes to noble families who desperately needed financial stability and Europe’s old social order crumbled. In return, these newlyweds received titles and status as Duchesses and Ladies to shore up their own social standing in class-obsessed New York.

Carl is also available for private events, live or virtual, please email carl (at) for more information.