Episode #80: Royal Mothers and Daughters

Episode #80: Royal Mothers and Daughters: A Conversation with Tracy Borman

Royal historian and author Tracy Borman returns to The Gilded Gentleman following her appearance on Crown & Scepter: The Coronation Show last year. Tracy, a noted historian is a frequent guest and commentator on the BBC as well as many documentaries and programs internationally. Tracy’s most recent book “Anne Bolyn and Elizabeth I: The Mother and Daughter That Changed History” serves as the basis for this episode along with Tracy’s insights on the mother daughter relationships in the lives of two more modern monarchs — Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II.  

Mother daughter relationships can be loving, supportive and at times equally challenging. In this episode, Travel Borman joins host Carl Raymond for a deep look at several royal mother/daughter relationships that perhaps in some ways changed history. Elizabeth I was barely three years old when her father Henry VIII ordered her mother’s execution for failing to provide a royal male heir.

Tracy’s revelatory new research and insight explains just how Elizabeth honored, even emulated her mother throughout her own long reign and how she continued to dispel myths that had been created by a malicious court. LIke Elizabeth I, neither Queen Victoria nor Queen Elizabeth II even thought they would be queens themselves and Tracy offers additional in-depth insight as to how these women — along with their own mothers influenced the throne. 

In this fascinating episode, Dr. Elizabeth Block joins Carl for a discussion that includes insight into not only what garments were required, but also just how they were made and how they were worn. You may be surprised at just how comfortable and wearable some undergarments actually were. Liz and Carl’s discussion includes a look at such curious accessories as the “lobster bustle” and even a corset for men. 

Carl is joined by special guest:

— Tracy Borman, an author, historian, and broadcaster whose new book is Anne Boleyn & Elizabeth I: The Mother and Daughter Who Changed History.

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