Episode #81: Jack the Ripper

Episode #81: Jack the Ripper: Inside the World’s Most Famous Unsolved Murders

Renowned historian and author Richard Jones joins The Gilded Gentleman for this special extended show that delves deeply into perhaps the world’s most fascinating unsolved series of crimes.   Many true crime fans may think they know the major elements of this grisly set of murders and the resulting police and investigation, but this show uncovers some angles and aspects that shed a wider light into these horrors of late Victorian London

In this episode, Carl and guest Richard Jones delve into all aspects of the crimes themselves — from just what happened, to what clues were and weren’t at each murder site, how the police attempted to quickly find the killer and how the press manipulated and in many ways was responsible for giving us the impressions of the case we have today.   

Richard shares his expertise and analysis on possible suspects, why these murders were unlike any others up to this point and most importantly offers deeply human insight into just who the victims were themselves — which may surprise you. Don’t miss this insightful and intriguing look into a set of crimes that still grips the public almost 150 years after they occurred.

Carl is joined by special guest:

— Richard Jones, founder of the original Aldgate East Jack the Ripper tour, Richard is one of London’s most experienced tour guides and he has been conducting walks around the Whitechapel Murder sites since 1982.

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