Episode #83: Gilded Age Newspapers

Episode #83: Gilded Age Newspapers:  All That Was (Mostly) Fit to Print

To take a look at the news business Gilded Age style, Carl is joined by veteran journalist, writer, and tour guide, Michael Morgenthal for a journey through the pages of 19th-century newspapers. Michael traces the history of several of our most well-known newspapers today including the New York Post and the New York Times as well as how Gilded Age journalists and readers had — in their way — the (nearly) 24-hour news cycle that we are so accustomed to today. 

Toward the end of the Gilded Age, as the 20th century turned, there were more than 20 daily newspapers published in New York City alone. Each has a slightly different focus, much as our papers or online versions do today, and they scooped their news in a variety of ways. This episode takes a look at New York’s newspaper history and just what it was like in the Gilded Age. Guest Michael Morgnethal shares the story behind several influential figures including the 18th century’s Alexander Hamilton and the famed poet and publisher William Cullen Bryant. He also looks at the great wars for sensational journalism fought by William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer

This episode delves into such fascinating deals as when the first actual headlines appeared along with journalists’ by-lines. In addition, you’ll discover when newspapers adopted the popular tabloid size, and when actual advertising began to be used to create income. 

Carl is joined by special guest:

— Michael Morgenthal, a lifelong New Yorker born and raised in Greenwich Village, he has been leading tours in his hometown since 2011. Michael currently serves as President for the Guides Association of New York City (GANYC). Before becoming a tour guide, he worked as a magazine editor and freelance writer for 15 years.

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