Episode #76: The Hidden World of Gramercy Park

Episode #76: The Hidden World of Gramercy Park: Unlocking History with Keith Taillon

Listener favorite historian Keith Taillon returns to the show for this in-depth look at one of New York City’s most unique and historic enclaves. 

The small two-acre square known since the 1830s as Gramercy Park has also been called “America’s Bloomsbury”. Taking the reference from London’s famous neighborhood once home to many great writers and artists, New York’s Gramercy Park has similarly included noted cultural icons from architect Stanford White to actor Edwin Booth to the great politician Samuel Tilden. Wandering along the park today it’s easy to gain a view back into the past — many of the original Greek Revival brick townhouses and brownstone mansions remain, some still in private hands. The park in the center is one of the most unique in America — it is a private park, not a city property and its upkeep has been managed since its inception in the early 19th century by the property owners around the park itself. 

Writer and historian Keith Taillon joins Carl for this episode to look back into this hidden pocket of New York City’s past and unlock its history. 

Carl is joined by special guest:

— Keith Tallion, a researcher, writer, historian, tour guide, and lecturer who has lived in Manhattan since 2010. Keith has appeared on The Gilded Gentleman on several episodes.

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