Episode #75: The American Renaissance

Episode #75: The American Renaissance: Beaux-Arts Architecture in New York City

Carl is joined by noted architect, interior designer and author Phillip James Dodd for an in-depth discussion of the “look” of the Gilded Age — a style known as American Beaux-Arts.

Architecture constructed during the height of America’s Gilded Age most certainly had a distinctive look. It was a uniquely American combination of stylistic elements of classical antiquity, the Renaissance palaces of the Medici as well as the more flamboyant styles of France’s Belle Epoque. But just how does one define this eclectic style that came to be known as American Beaux-Arts and who were its most famous and influential practitioners? 

In this episode, Carl and Phiilp James Dodd discuss these concepts in general to arrive at a definition and understanding, but also take a look at major examples such as the Facade and Great Hall or the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New York Public Library and the Morgan Library as well as the architects who created them: Richard Morris Hunt Charles Follen McKim and the architectural team of Carriere and Hastings. After having listened to this unique episode, you’ll look at the Gilded Age and New York City with whole new eyes. 

Carl is joined by special guest:

— Phillip James Dodd, an author, educator, and architect who works in the New Classical architectural style.

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